Questions in Philosophy


In mid-February 2018, the St Thomas More Society will be launching its first in a regular series of talks titled,
“Questions in Philosophy”. The aim of the series is to enrich the formation of Catholic Lawyers and to expand the social and philosophical education of those in the legal and academic fraternity. The STMS has identified a lack of Catholic formation as being one of the reasons why many in the profession are not attracted to, or no longer practice, the Catholic faith.

The intention of the ‘Questions in Philosophy’ series is to enliven intellectual discussion and debate through an exploration of various philosophical perspectives regarding life, the universe and everything. Audience members are encouraged to explore these perspectives in light of the tremendously rich intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church which has, throughout the centuries, provided a logical, convincing and intellectually satisfying path to spiritual fulfilment.

The first in the series will be presented by Father (Dr) Brendan Purcell of St Mary’s Cathedral, From Big Bang to Big Mystery: What Makes Us Different from Animals”. Fr Purcell will discuss different philosophical perspectives exploring what it truly means to be “human".

Dates: Thursday evenings on 15 February, 1 March, 15 March and 22 March 2018

Cost: $5 donation at the door

For further information, please contact Lee-Ann Walsh on 0410 745 678 /

Date: Thursday, 22-Mar-2018

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Venue: Commercial Traveller’s Club, 19 Martin Place Sydney (located in the “mushroom” shaped building in the MLC Centre)

Refreshments: Food and beverages are available for purchase at the venue