2018 St Thomas More Feast Day

We are celebrating the Feast Day of St Thomas More on 22 June 2018.


The Hon Michael Finnane QC has accepted the Society's invitation to be our guest speaker at the Patronal Feast Day as follows:

Time: 7:00 pm for 7:15 pm

Date: Friday, 22 June 2018

Venue: Union, University and Schools Club of Sydney, 25 Bent Street, Sydney

Cost: $150 (Members and Guests)

$165 (Non-Members)

$110 (Fulltime Student Member Concession)

Dress code: Kindly note that the Club has a mandatory dress code of suit and tie for men, with the equivalent for women 

Michael Finnane QC

From a very young age Michael Finnane had a sense of injustice. Despite growing up in a family with no legal background, he set his sights on becoming a barrister with a career as a barrister and judge spanning nearly 50 years, Michael Finnane provides a rare insight into the judicial process from both sides of the Bench.

Michael Finnane came to public attention as the judge who presided over the Skaf gang-rape trial. This trial moved the public so much that he received letters of support from interstate and overseas including from victims of gang-rape.

Michael Finnane has considered the impact of horrific cases on all who are involved including those who preside over them, and what should be done in sentencing some of the most heinous crimes.

Throughout his life Michael Finnane has also been involved in campaigning for social justice in Australia and overseas - from the treatment of the disadvantaged by the legal system, particularly of aboriginal people, poverty and injustice in Sri Lanka, and climate change in the Pacific.

Michael Finnane appeared on The Project on Channel Ten last Monday:


To read more about The Hon Michael Finnane QC, please click on the link below:

Michael Finnane CV and Bio.docx


As usual Mass will be celebrated prior to the Dinner as follows:

Time: 6:15 pm

Date: Friday, 22 June 2018

Venue: In the Crypt at St Mary's Cathedral, beneath the Church.

Celebrant: Fr Peter Joseph, Chaplain of the Society

St Thomas More (1477-1535)

The story of St Thomas More is worth repeating.

St Thomas More was born in London, the son of a judge, and himself became an eminent lawyer. He married twice, and had four children. He was a humanist and a reformer. His book, Utopia, depicting a society regulated by the natural virtues, is a classic of English literature.

Thomas More was a close friend of King Henry VIII. As a judge, he was famous for his incorruptibility and impartiality, and he was made Lord Chancellor – the highest legal position in England – in 1529.

When Henry VIII demanded a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, Thomas More apposed him. He resigned the chancellorship in 1532, and retired from public life; but he could not retire from his reputation, so it was demanded that he take an oath to support the Succession Act, which, effectively, repudiated papal religious authority. Thomas More refused, and was imprisoned in the tower of London.

After the execution of Bishop John Fisher, Thomas More was tried on the charge of high treason for denying the King’s Supreme Headship of the Church, found guilty and sentenced to death. He went to his execution on 6 July 1535. With a clean conscience and a light heart; he told the spectators that he was still “the king’s good servant – but God’s first”, and carefully adjusted his beard before he was beheaded.

Thomas More wrote a number of devotional works, some of the best of them while in prison awaiting trial. He fought his fight without acrimony, telling his judges that he wished that “we may yet hereafter in heaven merrily all meet together to everlasting salvation.”

Date: Friday, 22-Jun-2018

Time: 7:00pm for 7:15pm

Venue: Union, University and Schools Club of Sydney, 25 Bent Street, Sydney

Dinner: Unlimited premium drinks throughout the evening and a 3-course dinner